Calling all working men (and women)

Don your flat cap and walk your whippet down to York Street this week for a bit of a treat from up North. The Hovelling Boat Inn has managed to get hold of a couple of real ales from The Imperial Brewery at Mexborough, South Yorkshire.

Located within the basement of the Imperial Working Men’s Club (although we think the ‘working men’ bit may have been dropped now), the award winning six-barrel brewery normally only supplies its club members and a handful of local outlets.

The first cask on offer this week is Imperial Bitter and, being such a rarity outside Yorkshire, it’s likely to disappear quicker than a ferret up a trouser leg. There’s a second Imperial cask in our cellar, but even I’m not allowed to know what it is.

As with all the beers at our micro pub, we will tweet when Imperial Bitter is on tap. Make sure you don’t miss out by following @hovellingboatinn on Twitter.
An’ Ah’ll tell thi that fer nowt.