Ramsgate's micropub, 104 years in the making
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We say “104 years in the making” because that’s how long The Hovelling Boat Inn was absent from Ramsgate’s York Street.

March 29th 2013 sees the reopening of this historic pub, reborn as a ‘micropub’, one of a growing number of establishments committed to putting traditional ales and ciders at the heart of its offering.

Visitors will soon realise the building’s historic qualities, which we have done our utmost to preserve and highlight.

Street scene from York Street way back when.
The only picture we can find of York Street, Ramsgate, that shows the original Hovelling Boat Inn.

The original Hovelling Boat Inn did not re-apply for its license after 1909 and quickly became The Perseverance Dining Rooms until the late 1980s and fell into disrepair. Looking from across the road, you can see buildings to the right are total rebuilds. The Council of the day took down what was there and redeveloped the land. The right hand wall of the pub was rebuilt but the remaining structure was retained to minimise disruption to the Chinese take away next door.

As the Hovelling Boat Inn was once the last building in the row up from the harbour, visitors can see original doorway in our preserved exposed internal brickwork. You’d have to be desperate for a chicken fried rice to want to get through today.

Thank God the pub wasn’t flattened and rebuilt in the style of Wilkinsons and The Argyle Centre. After the rebuild it became a Florist and a fancy Gift Shop, before being taken on by Paul Spickett and his family to run as Ramsgate’s newest micropub.

Paul says “I love Ramsgate being born and bred and this provides the ideal opportunity to create something positive for my family and me”.